X Deflex Anti Roll Bar for Land Rover Defender, Discovery & RR Classic (No Spacers)

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Anti-Roll or Anti-Sway bars are fitted to almost all production vehicles to enhance handling, cornering & stability - in short, to improve safety.

However, anti-roll bars are designed to reduce articulation - which is the opposite of what most Land Rover owners want!

Production Land Rovers compromise by fitting a weak anti-roll bar which improves the handling a bit and doesn`t limit the off road capability too much. The standard bars only allow the rear axle to droop by 9" (230mm) - so has to be removed on vehicles with extended travel.

We have designed X-DeFlex to be unlockable (known as anti roll bar disconnects in Jeep circles) - so it does not have be a compromise. Locked it has four times the torsional stiffness of a standard bar, but unlocked it allows 16" (410mm) of unrestricted articulation, selectable at the turn of a switch.

X-DeFlex dramatically improves the on road handling allowing safer high speed cornering. If you have a `daily driver` with uprated suspension, an overland or camper conversion, an uprated or high performance engine, and want your vehicle to give you the maximum on AND off road - this is for you!

Use the diagram on the right to determine which thickness of spacers you need. To fit to a Discovery or Range Rover, you will need a 30mm or 60mm spacer as an adaptor to make the kit fit your chassis mounts.

To fit to a Pre-Td5 90, you will need the 90 adaptor without any additional spacers.

The Kit fits the REAR axle only!

The kit will fit all 110`s + Discovery Series 1 and 90`s Pre Td5 (pre 1999).

For some of the above you will need to add an adaptor / spacer.

If you have a Pre-Td5 90, you will need the 90 Adaptor.

If you have a Discovery, you will need to use a 30 or 60mm spacer/adaptor.

To decide which spacer / adaptor you need, refer to the drawing at the top of this page. It shows you where to measure to determine how far your fuel tank / tank guard hangs down. A spacer may be necessary to clear this.

The kit DOES NOT fit any Td5/Puma/Tdci 90 Though a kit is under development.

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