X-Anchor Longbow Ground Anchor

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Our Mk3 `Long-Bow` X-Anchor has several significant improvements over our previous versions through testing and customer feedback.

We have added a triple fold in to the blade giving it a `W` section. This has a two fold (no pun intended) advantage. Firstly it significantly increases the stiffness of the blade, important in rocky ground, and particularly the double `root-cutter` points.

The direction of the fold in the blade gives a minor advantage in different soil conditions. The `W` profile gives the best of both, maximising the chances of getting a secure anchor in all soil types.

We have increased the size of the eye to allow more chunky cable hooks to attach directly without the need for a shackle and lastly reinforced the spade gusset to cope better with sandy conditions. (In sand, the anchor buries deep, which changes the blade angle and significantly increases the force on the gusset)

As before, the X-Anchor is constructed from high strength Swedish Domex (tm) steel giving it very good strength and still weighing in at only 8kg!!!

* 8kg weight - 14kg lighter than some on the market!
* Double point `root cutter` blade.
* High strength Swedish `Domex` Steel blade.
* JS500 Passivate coated for high corrosion resistance.
* Round section tube is comfortable to carry and compatible with X-Eng Quick Release mounting clamps

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