X Springs for Land Rover Defender 110 (Pair)

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Brand: X Eng
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This is such a simple idea - and yet it delivers incredible results.
Hard springs give you good road handling but are lousy off road.
Long soft springs give good articulation, but give terrible handling on the road!
X-Springs give you the best of both worlds.
On the road, you run on your regular stiff springs then when your axle needs to articulate, the long, soft inner spring pops out and gives you another 10 inches of sprung travel.
At the point your old spring would otherwise dislocate, the X-Spring is still pushing with 250kg of force.

This will give you traction in places no other spring can!

* You get an extra 10" of sprung travel.
* At the point your existing springs would dislocate, the inner spring is still pushing down with 500Lbs of force.
* Unless the axle is articulating, the inner spring is completly enclosed in the dislocation cone.
* On the road, you are only using your original springs. These can be standard height, stiff springs to give you good road handling.
* Protect your investment in your existing springs and shocks - no need to replace.
* A fraction of the cost of certain other suspension systems.
* Still uncertain? Look at the number of highly placed 'Twist off' and challenge enterants running our kit.
* Fully compatible with Front and Rear springs.







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