X-Tendoor Land Rover Defender 110 / 130 2nd Row Door Extension Kit

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These very neat and low cost spacers allow your second row doors on 110, 127 & 130 Defenders to open as far as they possibly can! They make a huge difference if you are trying to load large items such as child seats, cool boxes etc into the rear seat area of your truck

If you've ever tried to load something big into the second row seats of a 110 such as a child seat or cool box - you have probably been frustrated at the limited opening of the doors. X-Tendoor are spacers which fit between the original door stay and seat-box bracket which allow the doors to open as wide as possible without the door hitting the door pillar.

Fitting is easy as only takes a few minutes per side. The kit contains a pair of extenders, one per side.

We have included a variety of washers including anti-vibration Nylon washers, a stainless socket screw and nut as well as a new stainless nut for the seat box bracket. Looking on line, some people prefer the bracket to hinge in the middle (as shown below), in which case use the Nylon washers to space the new bracket and door stay. Others prefer it to be rigid in line with the door stay, in which case use the stainless washers.

Price is per pair, ie covers both doors.


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