X Brakes for Range Rover P38

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Brand: X Eng
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Disc Transmission Brake for Range Rover P38.

If you drive off-road, you know how useless the standard Land Rover transmission brake can be. 

The brake itself is fine, its just that it traps muddy water inside which rapidly grinds down the shoes and bungs up the mechanism.

This Disk Transmission Brake uses a state of the art monster size mechanical caliper designed for agricultural vehicles and earth moving equipment - so use on a Land Rover is a walk in the park for it!
The mechanism is sealed so it will not seize up due to ingress of mud or water and it uses special 'sintered' pads which are resistant to abrasion from mud as well as providing greater friction against the disk than a standard pad.
The disk has been specially designed for Land Rovers. It is made from tough 10mm thick steel. It has a smaller diameter than a standard drum and does not dangle below the transfer box to help protect it from whatever you are driving over. The caliper mechanism sits in a well protected area at the top, away from most of the mud and water.
Complete with modified handbrake cable.





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